JJ Henri Construction Management Portland Oregon

Construction Documents

Establish Final Procurement Strategies
Finalize project strategies considered during the conceptual design phase. Finalize all bid packages and phasing techniques.

Review Plans and Specifications
Review plans and specifications as they are being developed. Check construction feasibility and coordination of all design disciplines. Advise on contract provisions for controlling construction schedules. Advise on special and general conditions sections of the specifications.

Recommend Contract Provisions
Prepare contract provisions for inclusions in the construction specifications. Require performance by the contractors to support quality, cost and schedule objectives.

Prepare Bidding Documents
Prepare contract scope and bid forms for all bid packages.

Bid Long-Lead Materials and Equipment
Organize and manage the bidding of long lead-time materials and equipment. Prepare bid forms and distribute bid packages. Review and analyze bids and make recommendations for award.

Update Master Project Schedule
Update the Master Project Schedule to reflect the current project plan. Prepare both graphic and numeric reports and distribute to all members of the project team.

Establish and Monitor Construction Documents Schedule
Update, expand and review schedules which identify individual areas of responsibility for the preparation of construction documents. Monitor and report on progress.

Establish Submittal Procedures
Document all procedures required for the submittal of materials, samples and shop drawings. Develop and maintain schedules and logs.

Report on Escalation Changes
Monitor the inflation rate in the construction industry and update project cost accordingly.

Compare Current Design to Cost Models
As working drawings proceed, compare current estimates to cost models. Recommend modifications as required.

Estimate final Construction Documents
Prepare detailed cost estimates of final construction documents. Display cost information in categories that can be compared to budgets, cost models and bid results.

Update Project Accounting Reports
Prepare current project accounting reports. Include project cost summaries and detailed status reports.

Identify Interested Contractors and Suppliers
Maintain contacts developed during the design developed phase. Continue to promote interest in the project.

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