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North Clackamas School District
“I need to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding job you have done bringing in the second phase of the North Clackamas School District bond on schedule and within budget.
I have been especially pleased with the work of Steve Rounds on budget and cost control, Lynette Schultz on logistics and document control, and Bill Weston, Jon Sandstrom and Ron Blaj on project management.  Your entire organization exemplifies professionalism, team work, and dedication”.

Garry Kryszak, Capital Projects Manager, North Clackamas School District

Lake Oswego School District 
“J.J. Henri Company provided valuable perspective on scope change and the anticipated impacts on preliminary budgets and schedules. J.J. Henri Company facilitated a value engineering process that included members of the architect and engineering teams, school district staff and members of the Board of Education. J.J. Henri personally made many presentations to our school Board on topics ranging from student safety to construction phasing to scheduling and budget perspectives. There is no question that JJ Henri Company understands the operations and needs of schools and would serve your District well in providing construction management services for your remodel and new construction projects.”
“…the District came to rely on the day-to-day presence and services of the on-site J.J. Henri Company Construction Managers. In particular, Mr. Bill Weston, CM on the Lakeridge project and John O. Henri, CM on the Lake Oswego High School project have been invaluable to the District.”
“…Mr. Weston and Mr. Henri were fast to establish themselves as being in sync with the culture and needs of the schools. In short order they became viewed as valued staff members by the principals in attending to the details necessary to keep the schools safe and in full operation.” 
~Steve Sherrell, Prior Director, Facility Improvement Projects, Lake Oswego School District
Tillamook School District
“Jon Sandstrom, as the project manager on our bond work, has proven to be a fantastic asset to our district.  Jon has been instrumental in recognizing issues before they became road blocks.  He has great vision, insights and work ethics.  He is accountable for what he is doing as well as those who are working under his supervision.  Jon has been willing to advocate strongly for the district.  I have never been concerned that he would compromise the district’s position in construction projects and I have always felt that when he spent the district’s money, it was no different than if he was spending his own.”

~Randy Schild, Superintendent, Tillamook School District
Salem-Keizer School District
“Our school turned out great, much of this due to the work of Jon (Sandstrom) and his colleagues.  I would be happy to offer a tour of our school in the event you might be interested.  If I had the opportunity to open up another school, I wouldn’t hesitate (in fact, I’d advocate) to use Jon and J.J. Henri Company again.”

~Bill Whitman, Harritt Elementary Principal, Salem-Keizer School District
“As the final bond projects are being completed, I would like t say thank you [J.J. Henri Co., Inc.] for the diligence provided by your staff that has helped to assure the success we have enjoyed in each of the scheduled projects.”

~Henry Behrendt, Facilities & Auxiliary Services Director, Salem-Keizer School District
“…also Jon Sandstrom was a gift to both 24J and myself.  He is a patient, articulate and caring.  He always listened while not judging and I found him to be great in offering me a perspective that I may not have had in questioning the process.  He has been an asset to this project and I hope that he will be working on future projects for the District.”

~Phyllis Guile, Marion Miller Elementary Principal, Salem-Keizer School District
"John [O. Henri] has done an exceptional job keeping this project on track and at this time on schedule.  This project was designed to be completed in four phases.  John’s role included scheduling a building walk through with a building representative and me.  After this meeting, John would work on the engineering and documentation for each site.  After the specification documents where completed and reviewed by myself and staff, he would schedule the package to go out for bid.  Once the bid was awarded, John would work with the selected vendor giving a detail review of school policy and procedure.  This put everybody on the same page as to expectations required of the vendor while in a school.  At times it was a difficult balance between keeping school administrators happy while still completing the project on schedule.  John did an exceptional job tackling issues as they came up and included appropriate staff when necessary." 
"In the past two years working with John, he has always maintained his professionalism and focus on this project.  It has been a pleasure working with John and I have never had reason to criticize his work.  He has always provided regular updates of his project and weekly/monthly meetings are always organized and efficient.  I do not believe this project would have been as successful as it has been with out John’s effort."

~Steve Hoffert, Manager, Infrastructure Support, Salem-Keizer School District
“I’d like to express my satisfaction with the work of Jon Sandstrom as our project manager at Forest Ridge Elementary.  If I were involved in the construction of another new school I can assure you that Jon would be my first choice as a project manager.  He was dependable and met specified timelines.  He kept an open mind about educational needs and was a good listener.  He clarified ideas as needed and came up with positive solutions.”

~David Guile, Forest Ridge Elementary Principal, Salem-Keizer School District
“As the final bond projects are being completed, I would like to say thank you [J.J. Henri Co., Inc.] for the diligence provided by your staff that has helped to assure the success we have enjoyed in each of the scheduled projects.”

~Henry Behrendt, Facilities & Auxiliary Services Director, Salem-Keizer School District
“After hearing the news [polluted soil found at school site] I could “sleep better at night” knowing that Van Lente and his company [J.J. Henri Co., Inc.] were overseeing the project. As much as we didn’t like the drainage pipe problem… it helped us today having J.J. Henri Co., Inc. keeping track of all this.

~Larry Anderson, Brookings School Board Member, Salem-Keizer School District

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