JJ Henri Construction Management Portland Oregon


Develop Close-Out Schedule
Produce a detailed schedule of close-out activities. Include punch lists, equipment and system testing, start-up procedures and occupancy.

Assemble Operating Manuals and Warranties
Collect and catalogue all procedures, manuals and instructions for operation of all mechanical, plumbing, electrical and special equipment. Collect all warranties.

Coordinate Acceptance Inspections
Work with each contractor to monitor the completion of punch list items.

Close-Out Construction Contracts
Finalize all outstanding changes in contractor’s scope. Verify the payment of retainages.

Coordinate Systems Testing Programs
Organize and manage the testing of mechanical, plumbing, electrical and special building systems.

Implement Start-up Procedures
Plan and monitor the start-up and adjustment of all building systems.

Coordinate Occupancy
Work with the Owner to schedule the installation of furnishings, fixtures and equipment as well as phasing the relocation of personnel.

Participate in Management of Warranty Work
Work with the Owner and designers to ensure that the contractors honor their warranty responsibilities in a timely manner.

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